Breathe Your Way to Relaxation and Less Stress

Energy Healer Stephanie Jones

energy healer stephanie jones!

There’s a reason you steer clear of energy healers. Actually, two reasons: crystals and patchouli.

But that’s because you’ve never met Stephanie Jones. She’s young, Yale educated, and well dressed — in a nutshell: the type of chick you’d like to be friends with.

And she’s good. After a quick get-to-know-you convo, Jones will lead you through a strenuous breathing exercise that’ll leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and clearheaded. She can even tailor the background music (anything from Beyoncé to the Beatles) based on whatever you’d like to work on that day (communicating better with your S.O., letting go of work stress).

Although Jones works out of the Hanuman Center in the Castro, she’s also available for house calls and alfresco sessions at the Palace of Fine Arts or Golden Gate Park, where you might smell a little patchouli. But you’ll be centered enough to deal.

For more information, go to stephaniejones.vpweb.com
. To schedule, e-mail stephanieannjones@gmail.com, $125-$140.

Photo: kairin / Flickr

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