Jehr Schiavo's Sexy Summer Hair Sans Blow-Dryer

Beachy Hair That's Naturally Beautiful

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Visionaries have always been met with skepticism. (The first cavewoman to crack open a crab probably got a few funny looks.)

So when we heard that stylist Jehr Schiavo would give us a cut that would free us from blow-drying forever, we furrowed our brow.

But at the end of the hour-long cut, we were converts. Schiavo, a 33-year vet of the biz who comes to your place or works out of a suite at the InterContinental, uses the natural wave and texture of your hair to create a shaped, layered style that looks best air-dried. Using just shears and water, Schiavo left our hair light, sexy, and slightly tousled (think just-stepped-out-of-the-ocean).

Having Schiavo work his magic isn’t cheap (around $300 for a cut), but the time you’ll save in just a week of being dryer free makes it worth every penny.

For more information, go to jehrschiavo.com. First-time clients, mention DailyCandy when booking to get 30 percent off.

Photo: “passamanerie” / Flickr

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