6 Ways to Drink to Your Health

feel better with healthy drinks and detoxes!

You are what you drink, so while it may be fun to spend the summer as a frosty pina colada, refresh with a few new beauty beverages before that colorful umbrella of yours starts to fade.

Z Answer
Ambien might make you feel like Sleeping Beauty — till you’ve night-eaten a bowl of condiments and your Himalayan has bangs. ReBloom, with its combo of vitamins and old-school restlessness remedies (chamomile, lavender, valerian root, and melatonin), lets you snooze and wake with the world as you left it.

Getting Down
Take it down a notch with M13 Calm/Detox. Packed with schisandra fruit (a sedative in Chinese medicine), cleansing chrysanthemum flower, proantioxidant and anti-free radical beetroot, and other herbs and floral extracts, it’s the anti-energy drink in the Functional Juice family.

feel better with votre vu beauty beverage!Missing Clink
A powerful cocktail, two ways. Straight up: The mango, pomegranate, and acai in Votre Vu SnapDragon mingles with green, white, and red teas, plus daily vitamins and doses of collagen, aloe, foti, ginkgo biloba, and baobab fiber to nourish your skin. Spiked: You get the same benefits, with a buzz.

Juicy News
Cooler Cleanse, the much-talked-about veg- and fruit-based juicing program, is launching national delivery next week. Go for a three- or five-dayer; down six hydraulically pressed, nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich beverages; and forget about food for a while (or at least try to).

Second Chance
Timing is everything. Aviara’s 24-hour system starts with eye-opening, mood-boosting, anti-inflammatory AM, thanks to the likes of resveratrol, camu camu, and Panax ginseng, and ends with PM, a sleepy-time sipper full of relaxing herbs, detoxifying additions (milk thistle), and immunity boosters (wolfberry).

feel better with healthy functionlab nutrient tonic!Sharp Shooter
Crusty? Sluggish? Wired? Tired? There’s a Functionalab Nutrient Tonic cure for what ails you. Fueled by specially balanced blends of phytonutrients, polyphenols, antioxidants, botanical extras, vitamins, minerals, and herbs, each of the four offerings packs a serious health punch in a tiny, 60-milliliter serving.

Photos: Michal Osmenda / Flickr; Courtesy of Votre Vu; Courtesy of Functionalab

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