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Pop Tarts like Mom Never Made

Black Jet Baking Company's Nostalgic Childhood Desserts

black jet baking company!

We all remember our childhood faves fondly. But if you were to bite into a Pop-Tart today, you’d taste more cardboard than nostalgia.

The pop tarts by Gillian Sara Shaw of Black Jet Baking Company, on the other hand, are what you’ve been craving.

The flaky, toothsome crusts enclose a thick layer of jam (in a seasonal flavor like apricot-brown sugar). Shaw also whips up newfangled versions of classic desserts, like pie in a jar, with a crumbly crust topping; buttery, three-bite handheld pies; and cake-like chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with sea salt.

You can track down her confections at a few local cafes, or contact Shaw for your next party or special event, where her desserts will make memories of their own.

Available at Ritual Coffee Roasters, 1026 Valencia Street, between 21st and 22nd Streets (415-641-1011 or ritualroasters.com); Matching Half Cafe, 1799 McAllister Street, at Baker Street (415-674-8699 or matchinghalfcafe.com). For more information, go to blackjetbakery.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Black Jet Baking Company

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1026 Valencia St
bt 21st & Hill Sts
San Francisco, CA 94110
Matching Half Cafe
1799 McAllister St
@ Baker St
San Francisco, CA 94115