Trip the Light Chairtastic

Repurposed Furniture by Local Artisan Josh Duthie

chairtastic repurposed chairs!

You’ve seen them: broken-down, beaten-up pieces of castaway furniture sitting on corners and curbs.

If those chairs could talk, they’d beg to be taken to Josh Duthie’s studio. There, the artisan otherwise known as Chairtastic refurbishes old chairs found on the street or at the flea market and brings them back to life.

Duthie leaves the frames in tact, but often strips old finishes and applies glossy paint in vibrant colors like goldenrod, emerald, and cobalt. His real handiwork comes from replacing cushions with wood (laurel, bay, mahogany) shaped from seven-to-ten-foot planks. The finished products? Clean, organic, and thoroughly modern.

A recent visit to the studio, inside the Sunset’s Woodshop collective, revealed a treasure trove of old chairs waiting for Duthie’s magic. And, later, a new home to call their own.

Available at General Store, 4035 Judah Street, between 45th and 46th Avenues (415-682-0600 or visitgeneralstore.com); Zinc Details, 2410 California Street, between Fillmore and Steiner Streets (415-776-9002 or zincdetails.com), $250 and up. Showroom visits are by appointment only. For more information, go to chairtastic.com.

Photo: Brooke Duthie / Courtesy of Chairtastic

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4035 Judah St
bt 45th & 46th Aves
San Francisco, CA 94122
Zinc Details
2410 California St
bt Steiner & Fillmore Sts
San Francisco, CA 94115