How Many Designers Does It Take to Screw in Seven Lightbulbs?

Rich Brilliant Willing DIY Light Fixture

dailycandy rich brilliant willing diy!

The answer is three: Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, and Alex Williams, the guys behind cheekily named local design trio Rich Brilliant Willing. Since 2007 they’ve been whipping up sculptural takes on furniture and lighting.

We love their unexpected swipes of pop color and playfulness so much that we asked them to create a fun, easy DIY light. The result, seen here, is literally a snap to make and offers a punky twist on all those ye olde Edison bulbs you’ve seen dangling in restaurants recently.

Click over to our gallery for step-by-step instructions.

If crafts give you hives, you can buy it preassembled with seven lamps ($200) here. And check out their other designs here.

Photo: Nicola Kast