The Button-Down Gets a Brushing Up

Gitman Sisters Launches Line of Women's Button-Down Shirts

gitman sisters women's shirts!

Anything boys can do, girls can do better.

Or, in this case, anything made for men can be constructed better for women. Having noticed a cult female following of its men’s tailored button-downs, Gitman Bros. Vintage just launched a line for the fairer sex under the name Gitman Sisters.

The collection uses the same fabrics and details as the classic men’s shirts, but it’s been expertly tweaked to fit females. Namely, the collar has been minimized, the pockets are smaller, and there’s a flattering central seam in the back.

Acrimony, the city’s exclusive retailer, has a limited stock of six styles (like the red chambray number pictured here), but they’re gearing up for an in-store event in early October, when ladies and gents alike will be able to get a custom-made creation. Oh, boy.

Available at Acrimony, 333 Hayes Street, between Gough and Franklin Streets (415-861-1025 or shopacrimony.com), $144.

Photo: Courtesy of Acrimony

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