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Onigilly's Samurai Snacks on Justin Herman Plaza

A Lunch That Won't Slow You Down

onigilly samurai snacks!

You’re the modern version of a female warrior: Every day, from your cube, you slay your victims with a single keystroke.

So when your stomach growls around noon, lay down your weapons and look for the Onigilly lunch cart. The newest addition to Justin Herman Plaza sells traditional Japanese rice balls (pictured) or, as owners Kan Hasegawa and Koji Kanematsu call them, “samurai snacks.”

Think of them as mini sushi wraps, rolled to order with brown rice and a choice of daily fillings (which might include light, miso-dressed tuna salad; tangy sauteed eggplant; or seaweed salad). For the next week or so, it’s in soft-launch mode, so the cart (and menu) may be tweaked.

Lunch platters come with three onigilly, a few steamed edamame, and a daikon pickle. And because the healthy, chewy, three-bite snacks are meant to be eaten on the go, you’ll be back at your post in no time.

Onigilly, Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., at Justin Herman Plaza, 1 Market Street, at The Embarcadero. For more information and locations, go to onigilly.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Onigilly

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