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An Icy East-Meets-West Snack

Skylite Snowballs Frozen Treats

skylite snowballs shaved ices!

East Coast-West Coast rivalries are nothing new: Biggie vs. Tupac, David Chang vs. figs on a plate. Can’t we all just get along?

Maybe it takes a delicious snack to bring the two together peacefully, in the form of Skylite Snowballs shaved ices.

Owner Katie Baum took her favorite Baltimore childhood treat and — skipping artificial syrups — gave it a Cali spin by enlisting Chez Panisse pastry chef Stacie Pierce to create local, seasonal flavors. They range from classic (lime, cherry) and refined (Four Barrel coffee, jasmine tea) to adventurous (the B-More, SF’s own TCHO chocolate topped with marshmallow cream). A batch of citrusy selections (blood orange, grapefruit, pomelo) for winter are on the way.

Baum slings the frozen scoops from a converted 1975 robin’s egg blue ice cream truck (pictured), which you can track via Twitter and Facebook (Berkeley’s Star Grocery is a regular location). You can even book the truck for your next party. Because even if rivalries remain (Giants vs. Rangers), snowballs are universal.

For more information, go to skylitesnowballs.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Skylite Snowballs

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