Paxton Gate Meets Mr. Wizard's World

succulent surrogate!

Everyone has that one weird friend or relative (or, in some cases, you’re surrounded by them). Find peculiar gifts, both living and dead, for those beloved oddballs at the magical Mission shop.

Succulent Surrogate, $50
Local artisan Marnia Johnston’s ceramic insect skeletons filled with succulents make gallery-worthy gifts.

Framed Butterflies, $149
Set a budding entomologist’s heart a-flutter with a colorful collection of Papilionoidea.

Knit Lab Rat Dissection, $124
This disturbingly cute, hand-knit “dissected” rat is equally suited for the taxidermy collector with a queasy stomach and stuffed animal fanatic with a sick sense of humor.

Crystal-Growing Kit, $18
Sure, it’s technically for kids, but who wouldn’t want to grow her own collection of pretty, shiny, sparkly things?

Pyrite Cluster Neckace, $125
Even the style stymied can’t resist a ’20s-inspired pyrite chain necklace by SF-based designer Alana Douvros.

Paxton Gate, 824 Valencia Street, between 19th and 20th Streets (415-824-1872 or paxtongate.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Paxton Gate