Between a Rock and a Hard Place

shana astrachan jewelry!

We’re willing to work hard for a reward. Case in point: sitting through the gory scenes in 127 Hours for 94 minutes with James Franco.

Or, in this case, unearthing local jewelery designer (and half of makeup duo Fox & Doll) Shana Astrachan’s new pop-up shop within the Urban Interstice Gallery, on a nondescript street in the Mission, natch.

The hardest part may be deciding what we love most: Astrachan’s beyond-adorable Tiny Studs earring collection (hearts, mini flower silhouettes, circles), skinny chains with teensy hearts, or delicate silver ID necklaces. Statement-makers will adore her more whimsical collection, made with recycled materials, felt, and sequins.

Beware. Once you spot gift items like local studio Casa M’s prints and cards and Melissa Borrell’s pop-out earrings and pendants, you’ll need help cutting out of there.

Shana Astrachan Satellite Shop, 3443 26th Street, between Valencia and Mission Streets (415-420-0527 or on Facebook). Grand opening, tonight, 4-8 p.m. Open through December 31.

Photo: Courtesy of Shana Astrachan