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The Can Can Soup and Juice Cleanse

A Can-Do Attitude

can can soup and juice cleanse!

Might as well face facts: That promise to cut out sugar is going to fizzle before you finish New Year’s brunch.

Start planning ahead with Can Can Cleanse, developed by local nutritionist and restaurant industry vet Teresa Piro.

The one- or three-day cleanses are designed to help you “check in” with your body and get back on track. And we’re not talking lemon and cayenne: Each day, you get eight old-school jars of seasonal beverages (two fruit juices, two veggie juices, and two herbal teas), nut milk, and soup (this month it’s winter orange, which feels like actual sustenance).

Making it all easier to swallow, Piro gives you detailed instructions on prepping your body, is always available for questions and concerns, and even has a list of “cheats” at the ready.

In case you don’t have the resolve.

Available online at cancancleanse.com, $65-$175.

Photo: Clay Brown / Courtesy of Can Can Cleanse