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SF's Best New 2010 Restaurants

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An Ode to 2010’s Best Restaurant Openings

Citizen’s Band made franks ’n’ beans fancy,
We loved the Prospect of a new place from Nancy;

Cotogna became the little sister to Quince,
We ate goat at Commonwealth and didn’t once wince;

Oysters and ham were the stars at Hog & Rocks,
The burger at Wayfare really knocked off our socks;

We went wild for nettle pasta at Zero Zero,
Benu’s finest of fine dining made Corey a hero;

Marlowe reinvented South near the ballpark,
While Thermidor gave Mint Plaza an old-school spark;

So as you await the openings of ’11,
Don’t forget who made this year foodie heaven.

Photo: Charliestyr / Flickr