Un-Love Letters from Artist Amy Ng

Mini Posters with a Sense of Humor

un-love letters by amy ng!

Ms. Benatar knew what she was talking about when she called love a battlefield.

So how do you send a Valentine’s message that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows? Local artist Amy Ng has captured what mostly goes unsaid with an inspired, unusual set of eight-and-a-half-by-eleven illustrated mini posters.

She’s got a handful of premade designs, or she can create from scratch, on paper or digitally. For V-Day, Ng has drummed up such idyllic scenes as two cheetahs dining on the heart of a freshly killed deer, its carcass peeking out from under the table. There’s also a doomed male anglerfish that’s been lured to a female with a heart-shaped lantern.

More mischievous selections include mice swinging from a boa constrictor, lovey-dovey octopi, and two Victorian-era fish enjoying a tea party.

Sure beats a box of chocolates.

Available online at etsy.com/shop/socialsquitten, $15 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Amy Ng

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