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Homeroom Brings Fancy Mac 'n' Cheese to Oakland

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homeroom restaurant oakland!

Feel like the lunchroom cliques never really went away?

There’s no seat-saving at Homeroom, a new restaurant opening for lunch in Oakland today, but its owners (finalists in DailyCandy’s Start Small, Go Big contest) have a mac ’n’ cheese to feed every high school stereotype.

The Jock: Load up for the big game with the bacon, egg, and cheese.

The Cheerleader: The pep squad could get a little extra kick from the Mexican Mac’s chorizo and chipotle peppers.

The Brain: Chevre, panko, and scallions make Mac the Goat intellectually stimulating.

The Tease: She’ll unbutton a few for the Spicy, with firehouse Jack and marash pepper.

The Activist:
Cheese free and walnut topped, The Vegan appeals to her social responsibility.

The Foreign Exchange Student: An Italian pecorino-and-pepper-laced Cacio e Pepe speaks his language.

Class dismissed.

Homeroom, 400 40th Street, at Shafter Avenue, Oakland (510-597-0400 or homeroom510.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Homeroom

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