OhLife Makes Online Journaling a Snap

Shut Your Diary Forever

diary journal!

Dear Diary,

Books. Newspapers. Photos. Everything else in my life is digital these days. Why aren’t you?

I’m so glad I found OhLife, an SF-based website that makes private daily journaling sans pen and paper (or the pressure of blogging) a snap.

After I signed up (for free), I started getting an e-mail every night asking how my day was. I can reply with a sentence or a novella, and my thoughts are stored on the website for my eyes only.

In case I forget the deep thoughts I had a few weeks or a month or a year ago, each nightly e-mail revives a random entry from the past. So I can be reminded of that perfectly timed raise, horrible dinner date, and everything in between.

Without having to worry that big bro is going to snoop.

Available online at ohlife.com.

Photo: Tara Moore / Getty Images