Capture Yourself in a Sketch

Charcoal Portraits by Artist Kim Frohsin

kim frohsin portraits san francisco!

Knobby knees. Big feet. That weird birthmark. What you consider your little quirks, artist Kim Frohsin finds fascinating.

Frohsin captures them, and more, during her intimate three-hour charcoal portrait sessions, done in her cozy Nob Hill studio.

You can choose to reveal as much (or as little) as you’d like, from full frontal to demurely clothed. Frohsin starts by sketching a series of abstract “gestures,” or quick sketches of various poses. She then moves on to six- to seven-minute head studies, with a break every twenty minutes, so you don’t stiffen up.

She’s got plenty of props to play with, including wigs, stockings, and shoes, but you can take your own. When it’s all over, you’ll have 25 to 30 images of yourself (to keep or give as gifts) curated by Frohsin and presented in a portfolio.

Your body of work, so to speak.

Kim Frohsin (415-397-8840 or kimfrohsin.com), $350.

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Frohsin