Hook Chas Up, Win $10,000

The Most Irreverent Personal Ad Ever

hook chas up!

Old-time courtship: Boy meets girl, gets married, lives happily ever after.

Modern love: Boy hasn’t met the woman of his dreams, tries every route known to man, sets up website to offer $10,000 to the person who introduces him to his future wife.

This is the true story of 40-year-old creative advertising exec Chas McFeely, who decided to do something drastic after suffering through online dating (and more). The adventure-loving Russian Hill resident is adamant about settling down and having a family, so he enlisted the help of a photog friend and launched the most irreverent personal ad (an artful website) we’ve ever seen.

Setting the affable lad up is easy: Just shoot him an e-mail describing your friend/sister/co-worker, including a pic, if you’d like. He’s ready to shell out the ten grand to his matchmaker — when he actually ties the knot.

Sounds like the stuff of romance novels.

Available online at hookchasup.com.

Photo: Toby Burditt / Courtesy of Hook Chas Up