Screen Play: March’s Must-See Movies

11 new releases that have us sprung


His favorite subjects are art, social studies, and Michael Jackson. His friends: Dallas, Dynasty, and a goat named Leaf. When his not-so-smooth criminal of a father returns from prison, Boy’s fantastical dreams of riding dolphins happily ever after beat it. Universal crowd-pleaser Taika Waititi’s sweet Kiwi feature is sad, but its joy and humor — and surprise dance video — soothe the soul. It may be hard to find, but it’s worth the hunt.
It’s like: Eagle vs. Shark moonwalking with Son of Rambow.
Take: The woman in the mirror.
Premieres: Today

Find showtimes online at fandango.com.

Boy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Silent House Jiro Dreams of Sushi Attenberg Friends with Kids The Kid with a Bike Jeff, Who Lives at Home The Hunger Games Bully Turn Me On, Dammit
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