33 Holiday Cards to Put in the Post

P.S. Paper trumps texts

Knit Wit

You have no problem trumpeting your consecutive victories when it comes to tacky sweater competitions. Put it on paper this year.

Available at dogandponyshow.com, $15 for ten.

Knit Wit Happy Hipster Holidays Hanukkah Humor On the Wagon Modern Family Don't Say Cheese Information Overload Minty Refresh Love, Always Yul (Brynner) Log No Place like Home How Touching A Work of Art Grin and Bear It Hungry, Hungry Holidays Sleigh Bells Ring Rainbow Bright Better Not Pout Honk If You're Merry Of a Graphic Nature Out of the (Litter) Box Reel Festive Bones, Hugs & Harmony Escape Plan Stickler for Tradition Be a Jolly Holly Devil in a Red Suit High Times A Key Point Decked Out Lucky 13 Spanish 101 Simple Math
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