DailyCandy's New Spokesperson

DailyCandy's New Spokesperson

Welcome to the Team, SuChin Pak

Sometimes you don’t need to put a face with a name. Cases in point: Charlie Townsend, Dr. Claw, and Wilson from Home Improvement. 

But when it comes to the DailyCandy staff, we’re not always content being blocked by a tall fence. Which is why we’re proud to announce the hiring of our new on-air correspondent, SuChin Pak.

She was a natural choice: In addition to being a news reporter at MTV since 2001, she’s the founder of New York’s beloved alfresco small biz bazaar, Hester Street Fair. Her duties? Be our woman about town and on TV. 

In today’s video, we captured Pak’s grueling interview process. Hard-hitting topics included who she’d be on Mad Men and if she likes clowns. We also closely examined her head shots. 

We’re sure you’ll agree she puts the best face forward.