Saturdays Surf and Coffee Shop Opens

Saturdays Surf and Coffee Shop Opens

Better than Sex Wax

Pappas: Listen up, you quarterback punk. There’s something I need you to check out down in Soho, and we just made a video about it.

Johnny Utah: Those Ex-Presidents got another bank?

Pappas: No, you snot-nose kid. We’ve been getting hepped up on caffeine at this place called Saturdays for a few weeks now. And the three easy-on-the-eyes surfers behind it just opened a retail section featuring sick boards, guys’ apparel, and wave rider essentials.

Utah: Want me to pose as a surfer and infiltrate?

Pappas: Genius, you idiot. Mostly I want you to hang around their 500-square-foot outdoor patio and relax, mingle, and drink coffee with ’em. If we’re lucky, they’ll invite you to the Rockaways, Montauk, or Long Beach. It’s good this time of year.

Utah: Doh. I love being in the FBI.

Pappas: Just remember, you’ll know ’em by their tan lines.

Saturdays, 31 Crosby Street, between Broome and Grand Streets.

Music by: Monsters of Folk