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Drink Wine like a Pro

Drink Wine like a Pro

Head of the Glass

You should like your wine how you like your men: full-bodied, fragrant, mature, and sweet on the tongue.

So how come you keep drinking the vino equivalent of Spencer Pratt?

Stop settling and watch today’s Easy Does It video, in which we teach you the four things you should notice — and enjoy — when drinking reds and whites. Helping us out: Patrick Watson, the connoisseur behind Stinky Bklyn, Smith & Vine, The Jakewalk, and the new Brooklyn Wine Exchange.

Watson just opened a jazzy learning center at the Exchange, where he and others will teach courses on topics ranging from Spanish varietals to cheese pairings.

You might even meet your soul mate.

Brooklyn Wine Exchange, 138 Court Street, between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street, Cobble Hill (718-855-9463 or brooklynwineexchange.com). Wine classes held the first Wednesdays and Thursdays of every month (times vary) and most Saturdays at 4 p.m.

Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Wine Exchange
Music: Courtesy of The Morning Pages and Small Black