The Perfect Way to Put Your Hair Up

The Perfect Way to Put Your Hair Up

The Heidi look, updated

Wearing your hair down in this humidity guarantees you’ll look like a frazzled poodle by midmorning.

This pretty wraparound braid, on the other hand, stays put even after absorbing drips from every AC unit in a twenty-block radius. In today’s video, hairstylist Jamie Cook of Whittemore House provides a step-by-step tutorial.

It may not be the easiest, and you might need an assistant to hand you bobby pins and stray locks the first time you do it. But we’re proof that anybody can DIY. (Even some of our shorter-haired coworkers have pulled it off.)

A little unruliness actually complements this style. But if you’re really all thumbs, there are the messy side bun and asymmetrical ponytail options. And if you’re still worried about frizz, check out our gallery of summer-proof hair products.

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