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DIY Derby-Inspired Necklace of Roses

Florisity Helps You Get Lei'd

diy rose necklace!

To win the Kentucky Derby, you have to stay one step ahead. The same can be said about scoring Best Dressed at your viewing party. So while everyone is focused on fascinators, we asked the experts at Florisity for their cheeky take on the traditional champion’s blanket of roses. Sporting this floral necklace on Saturday is a sure bet.

Florisity’s Necklace of Roses
Makes one (look great)

2 dozen roses
1 straight, heavy-duty hand needle (the largest from this Singer pack is recommended)
2 yards clear fishing line

1. Cut rose stems at the sepals, as close to the base of the bloom as possible.

2. Thread needle with fishing line, pulling through to create two strands of equal length.

3. Knot the strands together about 4 inches from their end.

4. Grab a rose and work the needle vertically through the stem’s nub and up through the center of the bloom. (Use caution and maybe a table to push with, please.)

5. Repeat until all roses are strung on the line.

6. Tie the end and trim excess fishing line.

7. Drape around neck, sip mint julep, look like a winner.

Florisity, 1 West 19th Street, at Fifth Avenue (212-366-0891 or florisity.com)

Photo: Darcy Strobel

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