Get Strung Up on Boet Jewelry

Crocheted Embellishments from Portland

boet jewelry!

You’ve suffered traumatic, yarn-induced flashbacks ever since Grammy gifted you that Day-Glo snood.

Give knitwear another go with edgy jewelry line Boet. Portland-based designer Emily Bixler strings together layered chains, pendulous earrings, and fringe-enhanced necklaces that exude a retro boho look.

Bixler’s background in sculpture, millinery, and knitwear design inspired her to pair crocheted silk and cotton with chains of oxidized silver and brass. Stones such as green onyx, glinty pyrite, and rutilated quartz (a transparent gem shot through with needle-thin crystals) add subtle shine.

Butterfly-shaped, crocheted embellishments are obvious head-turners, but we can’t take our eyes off The Double Shield, a full-body necklace that drapes over the shoulders to the hips. Most pieces are far more understated, but they all share an antique sensibility.

Grammy would certainly approve.

Available by email order (eb@byboet.com). To see styles, go to byboet.com, $60-$440.

Photo: CPriceWork / Courtesy of Boet