Don't Eat Lather Unusual Soaps

It'll Be Harder than You Think

lather unusual soaps!

You obsess over offal, dream about dim sum, and drool over duck. Some might say you have a bit of a food fetish; you prefer to call it a healthy appetite.

Resist sinking your teeth into Lather Unusual, a Ravenna-based line of foodie-friendly soaps and bath products crafted by former New York City executive chef Logan Niles.

Infused with locally sourced ingredients, the cold-processed and glycerin bars come in scents like smoked salt, Caprese salad, hops ’n’ farrow (with emmer farrow from Lentz Spelt Farm), and bacon ’n’ egg. And the Mangalitsa bars are made with pig fat from Heath Putnam Farms.

Also available: scrubs, lotions, and soap “pastries” (mocha hazelnut crunch cupcake, citrus poppy seed cake) that look good enough to eat.

So you can have your cake and shower with it, too.

Available at Lather Unusual, 2612 Northeast 55th Street (206-905-9995 or latherunusual.com), $4.50-$7.50.

Photo: Courtesy of Lather Unusual

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