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Booze Flows at Oola Distillery

A Spirited Venture

oola distillery opens!

Field Guide to Craft-Distilled Spirits

Latin Name: Getus Nicentipsius
Family: Adult Beveragidae

Habitat: Prefers a celebratory environment and dimly lit spaces. Beware of packs of three or more, particularly on a weekend.
Origin: Oola Distillery

Sniff out your newest drink of choice at Oola, the craft distillery opening Thursday on Capitol Hill. Owner Kirby Kallas-Lewis produces small-batch spirits from locally sourced grains.

The longtime Hill resident and art gallery owner (he’s the Lewis of Lewis/Wara Gallery) honed his boozing chops during apprenticeships with other craft distilleries like Spokane’s Dry Fly.

Hunkered down in the former La Panzanella building, Oola’s 4,000-square-foot space contains a modest tasting room with sips and bottles available for purchase and an enticing view of the on-site distillery for curious onlookers.

A recent expedition revealed clean, smooth vodka ($30) and aromatic gin ($33) at the ready. Barrel-aged, bourbon-style whiskey will make an appearance in the near future.

It’s territory worth stalking.

Oola Distillery, 1314 East Union Street (206-709-7909 or ooladistillery.com). Open house is Thursday, 5-8 p.m.

Photo: Brandon Gillespie / Courtesy of Oola Distillery

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