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Learn to Make Xocolatti Chocolate Bark

A Halloween Tribute Recipe

xocolatti chocolate bark!

We’re going as Katniss Everdeen this Halloween.

To get in character, we’ve been living off (chocolate) bark from Xocolatti. We tracked down chef/owner Shaineal Shah for a spooky-good recipe — he gave us two. Neither is sold inside his just-opened Soho boutique, but jewel truffles (sake, gianduja, passion fruit), brittles, and other sparkly treats should keep hunger pangs at bay.

A bit of strategic advice: Floor-to-ceiling boxes line the walls; pull the right one to wrap up your goods, and sixteen free truffles are yours. Let the games begin.

Dark Sesame Paprika Slate (Beginner)
Serves four

200 g dark chocolate
50 g black sesame seeds
Paprika or cayenne pepper
Small cake spatula

1. Temper dark chocolate. (Get detailed instructions.)

2. Pour dark chocolate onto parchment paper and spread.

3. Once spread, immediately sprinkle on paprika or cayenne pepper and sesame seeds.

4. Let harden.

Dark Sesame Nougatine Paprika Slate (Advanced)
Serves four

350 g sugar
200 g black sesame seeds
200 g dark chocolate
Paprika or cayenne pepper
Small cake spatula

1. Measure and lay out all ingredients in separate bowls.

2. Pour sugar evenly into a heavy-duty pan and place over moderate heat. Watch closely.

3. Once sugar starts to brown around the edges, use a wooden spatula to drag caramelized portions to the center of the pan. (This will prevent burning.)

4. The caramel cooks quickly, so pay attention. If lumps start to form, lower heat and continue cooking, stirring as little as possible.

5. Once all lumps have melted, the dry caramel has formed. (Remove any stubborn lumps from the caramel.)

6. Quickly incorporate the black sesame into the caramel and mix.

7. Once combined, pour caramel mixture onto a silicon mat.

8. Place second silicon mat on top and roll into a thin sheet with a rolling pin.

9. Set aside and allow sesame nougatine to cool completely.

10. Temper dark chocolate. (Get detailed instructions.)

11. Pour dark chocolate onto the cooled nougatine and spread with a small cake spatula.

12. Once spread, sprinkle paprika or cayenne pepper over dark chocolate and let harden.

Xocolatti, 172 Prince Street, at Thompson Street (212-256-0332 or xocolatti.com).

Photo: Janelle Jones

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