Moth and Crow Handbags Will Salvage Your Rep

Leftovers Never Looked So Good

moth and crow!

Your DIY fashion time capsule contains the following treasures: a bottle cap clutch, oddly conjoined sweater socks, and the never-cool blue jean wallet.

Restore your reputation with a one-of-a-kind handbag from new accessories line Moth and Crow, whose online shop launched yesterday.

Seattle designer and recycling pro Dawn Smithson pours ten to twenty hours of work into every handcrafted bag, from sewing the structure and interior lining to braiding and quilting exterior details.

Most bags are made from fine Italian lamb hide or goatskin that once served as tannery samples (making use of waste most factories discard). Smithson also responsibly embellishes with upcycled or vintage fabrics that double as eye candy. Only the smoothest zippers and cleanest clasps make the cut.

Also on order: hand-crocheted hats and scarves in natural fibers like alpaca and merino wool.

They’re real gems.

Available online at mothandcrow.com, $120-$1,195.

Photo: Courtesy of Moth and Crow