ChloeTouran Crystal Designs Make Life Better

Stunning Air Plants and Necklaces

chloetouran crystal plants!

Between that parking ticket you ‘accidentally’ tossed in the trash (oops!) and the small fortune’s worth of office supplies you swiped from work (sorry!), your aura could use some sprucing up.

Give it the ole razzle dazzle with something pretty from Seattle-based ChloeTouran.

A third-generation designer, ChloeTouran’s Sanam Miremadi creates stunning objets d’art out of treasures she’s gathered from her life’s travels — most notably crystals, which are thought to attract positive energy.

Miremadi transforms quartz, pyrite, and hybrid pieces into beautiful botanical creations by expertly attaching delicate air plants that don’t need soil to root.

Crystals also star alongside rugged buffalo teeth on the fierce-yet-feminine Warrior necklace and pint-size evil eyes on her Power of Two design (the better to ward off negativity and increase inner strength).

Because you need all the help you can get.

Available by email order (chloetouran@gmail.com). Air plants, $50-$500; necklaces, $90-$300. To see styles, go to chloetouran.com.

Photo: Niki Dankner for DailyCandy