The Bike Shack Steers You Straight

Lessons from the Road

diy repair the bike shack!

June 1, 2011: It’s love at first sight. A pretty pink beachcomber (on sale, no less!) catches our eye, and we take her home that day.

August 12, 2011: Tragedy strikes. A relaxing summertime ride around Green Lake proves fateful when we pick up a UPI (unidentified pointy object) and blow out a tire.

August 13, 2011: Tearful goodbyes. Our bike is retired to the garage, not to be seen for months.

January 1, 2012: A New Year’s resolution reminds us of the revolutionary love affair, and we vow to heal the broken relationship, er, wheel.

Today: We take our out-of-service cycle to The Bike Shack in the U-District. The nonprofit community shop provides tools and used parts (all donated, of course) to would-be bikers like ourselves. Jesse Card and the team of knowledgeable volunteers happily provide assistance and teach simple repairs, from changing flats to fixing chains.

So we can keep on rollin’.

The Bike Shack, 5457 Ninth Avenue Northeast (425-224-5310 or bikeshack.org). See website for volunteer hours.

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5457 9th Ave NE
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