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Look at this home, no treasures untold,
How many bland decor items can one Seattle apartment hold?
Looking around here, you think,
Sure, we’ve got everything.
We’ve got mass-produced gadgets and gizmos aplenty,
We’ve got cheap knockoffs and replicas galore.
You want Ikea thingamabobs?
We’ve got twenty!
But who cares? No big deal.
We want more.

We wanna be where the local artisans are.
We wanna see, wanna see them designin’.
Hawking their wares on — what do you call it?

Up where they craft (tableware), up where they sew (textiles),
Up where they offer more gems than you know,
Indie artists (Amy Bengtson, Robert Woldow) run free — wish we could be
Part of their stylish world.

What would we give if we could dine with sculptural shakers?
What would we pay to spend a day with Japanese Iris cards in hand?
Betcha online they understand
That you don’t condescend to shoppers,
Proper women, sick of shriftin’,
Ready to plan.

When’s it our turn?
Wouldn’t we love — love to explore that Road up above?
Out of the big box, always in stock,
Part of that world.

Available online at ashtonroad.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Ashton Road