Acupuncture Facial at Yuan Spa

On Pins and Needles

acupuncture facial yuan spa!

As friends, we’re obligated to inform you of certain, shall we say, unpleasantries. Lately we’ve noticed you crossing a (fine) line — and it’s none too pretty.

Smooth things over with an acupuncture facial at Bellevue’s Yuan Spa.

What’s the point? The ancient Chinese healing practice purports to erase fine lines, soften deep wrinkles, and firm skin’s surface by promoting collagen and elastin growth and stimulating muscles to tighten, lift, and tone.

After a relaxing hydrotherapy session (which involves hot and cold indoor soaking pools, a steam room, and a dry sauna), a highly trained acupuncturist inserts super-fine needles — painless, we swear — around your worst offenders: the eyes, mouth, forehead, and neck. A hydrating calendula cream moisturizer then seals in a youthful glow.

The acupuncturist at Yuan recommends at least six sessions to achieve the full effect.

Good thing you’re a pro at dealing with pricks.

Available at Yuan Spa, 1032 106th Avenue Northeast, Bellevue (425-449-8788 or yuanspa.com), $139 for a 60-minute treatment.

Photo: Jaime Kowal / Getty Images

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