Jiva-Apoha Custom Body Oils

Beauty Blends Made Just for You

jiva-apoha oils!

Going all natural is never easy. One second, you’re joining a CSA. The next? Repurposing last night’s jasmine rice into pillow stuffing (a.k.a. the point of no return).

Jiva-Apoha face and body oils prove it doesn’t have to be such a slippery slope.

Kerala, India-trained healer and global photographer rep Angela Shore sources and blends batches of ayurveda- and shaman-inspired oils in her home studio before slipping them into medicine bags and mailing them to your door.

Complete the ayurveda-based questionnaire, then Shore will concoct customized sweet, savory, and sense-perking mixes, using bases like emollient almond oil, stress-reducing blue lotus, and detoxifying neem extract.

Not ready to commit? Her Amma and Kama creations inspire calmness and invigoration (respectively), while Sundara relieves overtaxed joints. There’s something for men, Sundara (Handsome), and kids, Baby Jiva, too.

Either way, you’ll be sitting Prithvi.

Available online at jivaapoha.com, $55-$140.

Photo: Courtesy of Jiva-Apoha