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The Toydozer cleans up


Nothing ruins a playdate like your chirping, “Time to clean up.”

Reclaim cool-mom cred and give them a Toydozer. Our latest favorite piece of plastic turns the dreaded end of play (cue dramatic music) into a game (cue pinball machine sounds).

Designed to look like the front blade of a bulldozer, the contraption comes with a detachable scoop. Hand it over to your kids and let them get destructive on the Lego villages, Thomas railways, and Barbie compounds they’ve assembled across the floor.

Before you (and they) know it, every last block, car, and teeny-tiny high heel is scooped off the floor and dumped into the proper bin.

No need to fear the day the Toydozer goes missing. It comes in bright blue, yellow, or purple — so your forces on the ground can always spot it.

We said, “Clean up!”

Available online at toydozer.com, $19.

Photo: Courtesy of Toydozer