Better than Nuggets: Farm to Baby

The CSA for wee ones

farm to baby!

No question about it: The locavore movement has legs. But the latest beneficiaries of its farm-to-table tenets are still on all fours.

A new Brooklyn-based baby food purveyor, Farm to Baby, has teamed up with responsible farmers in upstate New York, eastern Long Island, and western New Jersey to select fresh, seasonal produce for use in their recipes. Weekly menus vary with the crop — recent offerings have included kabocha squash, kale, Romanesco broccoli, and celeriac, in addition to local varieties of sweet potatoes, apples, and greens.

The purees are crafted by hand, foregoing the extra cooking, processing, and preservatives that hamper the nutritional value of store-bought baby food. (There’s no need, when the lag time between farm and your family is less than two days.)

Lucky first-foodies in Manhattan and Brooklyn get deliveries twice a week. Here’s hoping the idea catches on and spreads to other cities.

Photo: Courtesy of Farm to Baby NYC