Lavaan Dental Spa Opens

Clean and whiten in the West Village

lavaan dental spa!

We support your avoidance of deep-fried Oreos, the sun, and snakes in the name of health.

But the dentist? Even we think that’s irresponsible.

Swap that closed-mouth grin for a flashy one at Lavaan. The West Village cleaning- and whitening-only dental spa from married doctors Michelle Katz and Jeffrey Rappaport opens today.

Inspired by niche blowout and mani/pedi salons, the crisp white and blue spot makes it easy to prevent cavities, attend to your teeth between checkups, and professionally whiten without blowing a month’s rent.

Book appointments online or simply walk in. After checking in via iPad, knock back a smoothie shot while you wait for a doctor evaluation (to make sure you don’t need immediate attention).

Once cleared, slip on noise-cancelling headphones, find a TV station, and open wide. After 30 to 90 minutes, walk out with pearly whites (and without emotional scarring from drills, needles, or postprocedure drool).

It won’t bite.

Lavaan, 474 Sixth Avenue, between 11th and 12th Streets (212-837-1833 or lavaansmile.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Lavaan

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474 6th Ave
bt 11th & 12th Sts
New York, NY 10011