Red Mala Healing Balances Your Body

Holistic therapy gets your chakras in order

red mala healing!

Health and wellness days at your office mean little more than a midday massage and a quickly ditched orthotics appointment. (Say good-bye to sandals? Not a chance.)

Get therapy for what really ails you at Red Mala Healing, where Andrea Langsdorf practices a form of bioenergetic therapy based on the ancient Eastern Indian concept of chakras.

Open up inside the soothing Ravenna studio during a brief discussion of your gripes. Our list went like this: sleep troubles (definitely), stress (frequently), back pain (groan), and a general feeling of imbalance.

Using holistic and ancient healing techniques — gemstones, color and light therapy, touch, aromatherapy, tuning forks — Langsdorf customizes a gentle treatment plan for your 75-minute session. Deep relaxation is a welcome byproduct of the tradition.

It’s just what the naturopathic doctor ordered.

Red Mala Healing, 2207 Northeast 65th Street, suite 200 (206-718-4655 or redmalahealing.com). Mention DailyCandy for half off your first session (regularly $120).

Photo: Rain Griffin Blond / Courtesy of Red Mala Healing

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