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Sweet Caroline's Jams and Jellies

Lay it on thick

sweet caroline's jams and jellies!

What’s an ingenious stoner to do when faced with twenty pounds of strawberries and a race against rot?

Take a crash course in jam-making, courtesy of Google. Determined not to let the goods go up in smoke, that’s what Seattleite Caroline Stoner did when she was left with a surplus from a catering gig.

With berries saved and an obsession born, she left her job to launch Sweet Caroline’s. Her impressive roster of small-batch spreads contains local fruit (typically organic or from smaller farmers who use natural growing practices but can’t afford to be certified) and all-natural fruit pectin.

We’re salivating for creative flavor combinations like pear-mango-cardamom and rhubarb-cherry-peppercorn. And the vanilla-bourbon-pear butter? It’s heaven in a jar.

You’ll inhale it.

Available at the Fremont Sunday Market, 3401 Evanston Avenue North (fremontmarket.com); at etsy.com, $6-$9. For more information, go to facebook.com.

Photo: J. Lewis Images / Courtesy of Sweet Caroline’s Jams and Jellies

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