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Fat Cork Champagne's FC Club

Bubbles on the down low

fat cork!

Dear bottle poppers,

Consider this your invitation to join FC Club, Fat Cork Champagne’s membership-only drinking society. A long-standing tradition holds that the tiny bubbly shop in Lower Queen Anne carries rare-grower champagnes and dozens of bottles that can’t be found anywhere else in the United States.

Membership guarantees you access to those secret sips via delivery every two months.

Pledge your allegiance to the Seasonal Sparkler (two bottles per shipment, $99) or swear an oath to the Aficionado (three per shipment, $159). Both are tailored to your exact tastes. Each parcel comes with tasting cards and grower info, so you can trace the fruits of your vines. Future perks include regular tastings at the boutique and free shipping.

We suggest accepting posthaste; only the first 100 members make the cut.

In the meantime, keep a Fat Cork in it.

Fat Cork, 111 West John Street, suite 136a (206-257-1730). Sign up for the FC Club at fatcork.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Fat Cork 

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