Book Report: "Wumbers"

A gr8 new way to tell a story


Eager readers, we found a gr8 new book writt10 like no other.

Wumbers, penned by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustr8ted by Tom Lichtenheld, is a tale strung together with words cre8ed with numbers. We’ll 4warn you: It’s more of a brainteaser than bedtime story, because kiddos go bananas trying 2 decipher each cheerfully silly adventure.

Pay a10tion as a family brings “2na” and “pl8s” to a picnic, and a man shows off a “2can ta2.” The vocabulary can get a bit advanced (imagine the “orn8 10tacles” of an octopus). But we’re all for going beyond the ba6 when it’s this much fun.

In short, it’s simply 1derful.

Available at amazon.com, $12.

Photo: Courtesy of Chronicle Books