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Despite your studiously following directions from the interweb, your inaugural pickling project didn’t quite pan out. (There’s sixteen hours you’ll never see again.)

Kick the canning gear to the curb and head to Britt’s Pickles, the newest addition to Pike Place Market, soft opening this week.

Master pickler Britt Eustis sells a range of pickled cucumbers in his new Corner Market space, including half sour, spicy, ginger and pepper, and hot and sour.

Unlike most store-bought varieties, Britt’s pickles are live culture foods, naturally fermented in oak barrels to improve flavor (no vinegar overload) and preservation (achieved with lactic acid and probiotic bacteria, not pasteurization).

Eustis also offers sauerkraut, pickled onions, pickled black garlic, kimchi, pickled Meyer lemons, and pickle brine in sour, spicy, and ginger.

They’re dillicious.

Britt’s Pickles, 1500 Pike Place (253-666-6686 or brittsliveculturefoods.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Britt’s Pickles 

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1500 Pike Pl #15
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