The Sweat Shop L.A. Opens

Girl, we wanna make you sweat

the sweat shop!

Toxins are like your roommate’s lax bathroom habits — they get under your skin.

Flush by example at The Sweat Shop L.A.

The ecofriendly Hollywood spa caters to overworked professionals (massage, acupuncture), beauty junkies (pumpkin peel facials, ultrasonic laser therapy), and health nuts (mineral shots, B-12 injections) alike.

But arguably its biggest draw is the six private rooms housing individual infrared saunas. Unlike traditional versions (hot rock, steam), they are effective at a lower, more comfortable temperature. Moreover, infrared heat frequencies warm from the body’s core to enable a deeper detoxification. Reported health benefits range from chronic pain reduction to increased blood circulation to weight loss.

Each room also includes a filtered shower, organic body products, and a liter of drinking water.

And if you see grayish amber-colored sweat on your towel, don’t freak out; it’s just excreted toxin residue.

In other words: If it’s yellow, keep it mellow.

The Sweat Shop L.A., 1503 North Cahuenga Boulevard, at West Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood (310-956-2307 or thesweatshopla.com), $35 per session.

Photo: Biz Urban Photography for DailyCandy

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1503 N Cahuenga Blvd
@ W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028