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Bottoms Up with Project: Juice

Cold-pressed cleanses

project: juice!

A three-course meal in a piece of gum is nothing but a recipe for disaster (poor Violet).

When it comes to stuffing big nutrients into small packages, Project: Juice — the healthful brainchild of two Bay Area-based women — is a plan you can swallow.

All juices are cold pressed (a method which increases both nutrients and shelf life) from local, organic produce.

Choose from Can You Kick It? (designed for veg-cleanse virgins), Forever Young (a challenge for hard-core juicers), and Stuck in the Middle (for everyone else). Each program consists of six juices, plus one cold-brew detox tea per day.

Prefer strictly green? There’s also an option to design your own cleanse.

Go on, you’ve got the golden ticket.

Available at projectjuice.com, one-day cleanse, $65; three-day, $190; five-day, $300.

Photo: Courtesy of Project: Juice