Help, Please: How to Fake a Full Night's Sleep

DailyCandy Chief Correspondent SuChin Pak asks a rested friend for advice

sarah sohn!

My friend Sara Sohn is one of those moms who always seem pulled together in an I-just-woke-up-looking-this-awesome kind of way. Between chasing her 1-year-old and easing into the final weeks of her second pregnancy, she squeezed in the launch of a YouTube channel, where she’ll share her secrets with the World Wide Web. I asked her about her beauty routine.

Spill it. How can I look like I’ve had several nights of good sleep?

Hydrate, protect, conceal, and curl.

I start with a glass of water and Korres moisturizer ($35) every morning. Its natural ingredients (wild rose oil and imperata cylindrica root extract) tone and hydrate my skin. I have tried several eye treatments, cold packs, and gels, but none worked as well for me. I’ve found that drinking water in the morning is the best long-term remedy for puffiness.

IOPE Air Cushion BB Cream Sunblock ($40) is a two-in-one miracle cream. It fights UV rays with SPF 40+, and the tinted formula provides light coverage. It brightens skin, leaving it dewy and even.

Lastly, I rarely leave the house without curling my eyelashes and applying mascara. I think flirty lashes distract from the dark circles under my eyes.

If all else fails, wear sunglasses.

Photo: Evan Sklar / Getty Images