SF's Best New Jewelry and Accessories

Embrace your inner bag lady

best jewelry and accessories!

We’ve come across quite a few gems this year. Since sharing is caring, allow us to reintroduce our favorite new lines from the past twelve months.

1. Respectfully, get your rocks off with RocksBox jewelry service. Fill out a profile and get a package each month with three items in it.

2. Want to experiment with different substances? Kait Mooney’s Jeweltones necklaces make a (fashionable) statement.

3. Be a head case with Bachman’s Sparrow’s silk headbands. Fabric-covered elastic holds them in place; painted details ensure individuality.

4. Arm parties get a lift. Get in up to your neck with designer Ariel Clute’s statement necklaces, made from an assortment of materials.

5. Job & Boss work for most every occasion.

6. We can’t tell you where in the world jewelry designer Daisy McClellan is, but you can get a clue where she’s been with Lanyapi Designs, her line sourced from materials found on her many travels.

7. Here’s a bright idea: Add a shock of neon with Maschari Jewelry’s laser-cut acrylic necklaces.

8. Have a wild home life with Petel: totes, pillows, and accessories created from fabrics woven by West African artisans.

9. Change your mind with Ali Golden’s reversible bags.

10. Get it together. Uniforma’s art-school inspired leather accessories guarantee you’ll never have to hunt for keys again.