The Year in Review

A ride through 2012

favorite stories!

According to the Chinese zodiac, this was the Year of the Dragon. But we’d call it the Year of the Truck (food trucks, mercantile trucks, vintage boutique trucks).

Here’s what else we were up to when we weren’t on the move:

Fell in love with Jill Wenger all over again: Totokaelo

Licked the plate clean: The Wandering Goose

Showed some skin: Drifting Arrows Swimwear

Started a garden: Chloe Touran Crystal Air Plants

Got over our glitch: Red Mala Healing

Woke up early and often: Crumble & Flake Patisserie

Hung out with a local beauty queen: Kari Gran Skin Care

Commuted by foot: Linge Shoes

Got our fast food fix without the shame: Ballard Pizza Company

Were on pins and needles: Yuan Spa’s Acupuncture Facial

Relived our childhood: Monte Cristo Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Chilled in a fancy kitchen: Restaurant Bea

Brushed up on our Italian: Rione XIII

It’s just the way we rolled.