Shop Style with Substance at Moorea Seal

Accessories and home goods that give back

Actions that seem like good ideas but aren’t: forwarding good-luck chain emails, politely ignoring spinach teeth.

Do the right thing at Moorea Seal.

The just-launched website from the local jewelry designer of the same name is a who’s who of local and national designers and artists with a charitable angle. Seven percent of each sale benefits nonprofits in five categories: animals, health and wellness, children, women, and the environment.

moorea seal!

The curated collection of accessories and home goods includes everything from chic bags, scarves, and hats to imaginative stationery, delicate jewelry, and terrariums.

Evidence Jewelry’s arrowhead necklaces contribute to the Flawless Foundation, which supports kids with neurologically based behavioral challenges. Leather totes and pouches from Pine & Boon help Our House, a grief support center. Pickle Pottery’s large hand-thrown tumbler painted with gold hearts and Balue/Co.’s vibrant card sets lend a paw to the furry critters at Homeward Pet Adoption Center.

So their lives don’t have to be so ruff.

Available at mooreaseal.com.

moorea seal!

Photos: Margaret Jacobsen / Courtesy of Moorea Seal