Celebrate Summer’s End with an Aperol Cocktail

For best results, pair with a lazy evening


The lazy, hazy days of this particularly outstanding Seattle summer are numbered. Soak up the last moments of golden sunshine with a cocktail from Rachel Marshall of Rachel’s Ginger Beer — a refreshing combination of Marshall’s fresh, fizzy handcrafted ginger beer, and a splash of lime.

It’s perfect for whiling away an outdoor evening (whether you’re lucky enough to score a porch).

Porch Swing Cocktail
Serves one

1.5 oz. Plymouth gin
½ oz. Aperol
6 oz. Rachel’s Ginger Beer

1. Pour gin and Aperol into a highball glass.

2. Top with a generous scoop of ice.

3. Add Rachel’s Ginger Beer.

4. Squeeze and drop in lime.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer Market, Pike Place Market, 1530 Post Alley (rachelsgingerbeer.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Rachel Marshall

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1530 Post Alley
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